News Coverage

GI Dynamics, along with EndoBarrier® Therapy, has frequently been featured by national and international media as an innovator in combating type 2 diabetes and obesity. We invite you to browse featured news coverage about EndoBarrier® Therapy and GI Dynamics below.


EndoBarrier offers non-surgical alternative for obesity, diabetes
Medical Device Daily
19 November 2010

Diabetes and obesity see 15-minute cure
Sunday Express
24 January 2010


Procedure Eyed as an Alternative to Gastric Bypass
21 November 2008

Need Gastric Bypass? Put a Sock in It! The EndoBarrier Gastrointestinal Liner
Diabetes Health
20 November 2008

GI Dynamics Device Helps Patients Shed 30 Pounds
Xconomy Boston
26 October 2008

GI Dynamics’ stomach liner helps weight loss
Mass High Tech
26 September 2008

EndoBarrier GI liner shows promise for diabetes, obesity
Medical Device Daily
19 September 2008

GI Dynamics Looks to Tackle Two Global Epidemics with a Single Device, Reveals Seedling Roots
Xconomy Boston
19 September 2008

GI Dynamics’ Gut-Lining Device Combats Diabetes, Obesity in Small Trial
Xconomy Boston
16 September 2008

New Noninvasive Device Could Control Diabetes
Health Day
01 September 2008

Beyond Stomach Stapling: What’s New and Better
O The Oprah Magazine
01 August 2008

ADA: Glycemic Control Markedly Improved with Duodenal-Jejunal Sleeve
MedPage Today
23 January 2008